Lothiel Ammarilis of Silverymoon, Master of the Art and Archmage Supreme


"I have much to impart, yet sadly no one seems to be interested in listening."


Considered the premiere wizard of Celestin and the first mortal in millenia to ascend to the stature of Archmagus, the sun elf Lothiel Ammarilis is a figure looked upon with equal amounts of awe, respect, envy, and even outright hatred and loathing by his wizardly peers as well as the common folk of the continent. Tales abound of him singlehandedly slaying flights of marauding dragons, perpetrating dark rituals and forbidden magicks in the depths of the Glass Tower, and even enspelling rulers and beautiful women across the land to do his bidding, amuse him to no end as while he does have the arcane might to do such things, he has neither the time nor the compulsion to do so.

Hailing from the great northern city of Silverymoon, in the continent of Faerun in the faraway world of Abeir-Toril, Lothiel was born into a sun elf clan of scribes and historians. While not overtly wealthy, the Ammarilis family was prosperous enough to send Lothiel to study in the University of Silverymoon when he showed aptitude in the Art of magic. He was considered a brilliant student, but in a school of geniuses there wasn't really much one could do to stand out. Not that it bothered the elf much, of course.

Lothiel excelled in the subjects of Magical Theory and Battlefield Applications, though in the course of his studies he discovered that his true passion was lore, and practical applications of it in everyday living. He would spend literally hours upon hours of his free time perusing the tomes held in the university's vast library, and fully half of his school expenses went into the purchase of uncommon or particularly rare volumes, whose subject matter ranged from the mundane to the esoteric. As a result, when he finally graduated from the University he was one well-rounded of his peers in regards to the sheer amount of information he had learned.

Lothiel immediately began adventuring, much to the disappointment of his parents and his professors, who would have thought him a valuable addition to their teaching staff. In truth there was a small part of him that was disappointed as well, but while the thought of full access to the University archives was tempting, he knew that knowledge without actual experience was knowledge wasted, and it was always better to learn things from the world first-hand. He fell in with another pair of elves -- the moon elf duelist Selaqui Moonsinger, and the Eilistraee-worshipping drow warrior Jaedrel Veladorn -- and together the trio journeyed the Northlands, exploring ruins, fighting monsters, and getting into the trouble adventurers usually find themselves in.

One such journey nearly ended in disaster for the trio. While exploring an old stronghold of the ancient elven kingdom of Earlann, they were set upon by a patrol of tannaruks from Hellgate Keep, and finding themselves outmatched retreated to a room they had discovered during their initial investigation of the ruin -- a room that held a crumbling, but otherwise usable portal. Despite knowing full well that the portal's terminus could be anywhere, even to other worlds, the three elves found the choice infinitely more appealing than dying horribly at the hands of demonspawn. Lothiel activated the gate, and the trio jumped through, but not before making sure that their enemies would never use the portal to come after them.

The three exited the portal relatively unscathed, only to find themselves in a decidely unfamiliar land, in a world that was obviously not Toril. Resigned that there was little chance for them to get home anytime soon, Lothiel and his companions set about discovering just where their little jaunt had taken them. Despite their predicament, the arrangement excited the wizard; learning something new was always good, after all. As they traveled, they learned the name of the land they were in -- Vorvoc -- as well as gained some hints pointing to something that might help them get home.

Along the way they picked up two more companions, who were as lost as they were: the Lordaeronean knight Malthus Tannhauser, and the Shadovar warrior Naeel. While both were eminently interesting in their own unique way, Lothiel found Naeel far more so due to his Netherese connection. The fact that the paladin acted particularly officious and therefore annoying probably influenced this view as well.

Minor distractions aside, the company, now calling itself the Balance, ventured towards the capital of Vorvoc, doing odd jobs and adventuring along the way, not knowing that their deeds would earn them a beloved place in the history books, as well as spawn dozens of colorful legends and myths.

What happened to them? As Lothiel often remarks, "That, my friend IS History."

Lorhiel has, since the initial adventures of the Balance, amassed a degree of arcane might unparalleled in recent memory. Quite literally, he can lay waste to entire kingdoms if he so pleases, but instead prefers to indulge in his passions of reading and research... and surprisingly, rhetoric. One would think that someone with his reputation would be nigh-inaccessible, but more often than not Lothiel can be found walking the streets of the cities of the Heartlands and North looking for books of all kinds, happily exchanging magical items of his crafting for tomes when not booked for speeches in one of the premiere centers of magical learning, or journeying on some plane-spanning adventure.

In fact, some of his opponents had tried to take advantage of this lack of a low profile on the archmage's part to slay him, assert their control over him, or at the very least glean some secrets from his mind... Only to discover that he had turned the tables on them, manipulating them instead into doing his bidding. He rarely blasts opponents to cinders, though if challenged with overt displays of force (like, say, laying waste to an entire city block just to make a point) or threatening something dear to him (such as an apprentice or a well-stocked library of lore), then Lothiel is more than willing to use all the magical might under his disposal to 'educate' such offenders.

Despite these near-constant threats to his existence, Lothiel refuses to keep a low profile. In fact, he does the opposite, and opens his demesne to all those willing to learn from him -- either magic or general lore -- except those who are evil of course, which he has ways of detecting. He is one of the most prolific tutors of magic in the region, with over a dozen apprentices of varying magical aptitude under his tutelage at any one time. Some mages of reknown, such as Cayriel of Caerloon and Montgomery the Dragonmage, proudly admit to have learned the Art from him, and it is considered a mark of prestige for any ruler to have a former apprentice of Lothiel as a court wizard or advisor.

While his forte is the application of magic in small and large-scale engagements, Lothiel is especially fond of peppering his lessons with odd bits of information, hoping that some of his students would catch on to the fact that knowledge, however insignificant or trivial it seems at first, can be as powerful a weapon as any flung spell depending on the situation. Any student who manifests practical usage of the non-magical aspects of his teachings is certainly worth watching, in his opinion at least.

Lothiel appears like an elf approaching middle age, with mid-length gold hair starting to show hints of graying, bronze skin, and intense emerald green eyes. He rarely ventures out of his home without his robes, cloak, and other magical panoply, but disguises these as common traveler's clothing when needed. He affects a nonmagical monocle, usually affixed to his right eye. For a sun elf, he has a decidedly easygoing personality, though he can be quite stern when the occasion calls for it, and doesn't jump into conclusions as his otherwise judgemental kin.

Though he doesn't want to admit it, the elven Archmagus has become quite an adept meddler in the affairs of the various kingdoms in the continent. Nothing overt as to reveal his manipulations, of course, but a few misdirected battle orders here and a sudden arrival of magical support there, with a few suggestions whispered in the right ears for good measure serves his purposes -- the preservation of what he defines as the 'status quo' -- better than having to appear at a location himself... And having a network of former apprentices in positions of power doesn't necessarily hurt either.


Lothiel Ammarilis, male Wizard 13/Loremaster 10/Archmage 5: CR 28; Medium-sized humanoid (Elf); HD 28d4+84 plus 2; hp 177; wp 17; Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 26 (touch 18, flat-footed 22); Base Attack +15; Grapple +15; Attack +18 melee (1d6+3/x2, Ash Staff of Rhaungarth), or +16 melee (1d4+1/17-20/x2, +1 keen adamantine dagger), or +19 ranged touch (by spell); Full Attack +18/+13 melee (1d6+3/x2, Ash Staff of Rhaungarth), or +16/+11 melee (1d4+1/17-20/x2, +1 keen adamantine dagger), +19 ranged touch (by spell); SA Arcane spell use; SQ Archmage high arcana (arcane reach, mastery of elements, mastery of shaping, spell-like ability: greater teleport 2/day, spell power +1), attunement, bonus languages (planar trade, celestial), elf-traits, enhanced statistics (Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence), evasion, familiar, greater lore, immortality, lore, loremaster secrets (applicable knowledge: Spell Penetration, lore of true stamina, secret knowledge of avoidance, secrets of inner strength, weapon trick), permanent spells (arcane sight, comprehend languages, darkvision, read magic, tongues), scribe scroll, true lore; SR 18; Alignment Neutral Good; Saves Fort +19, Ref +20, Will +28; Str 10, Dex 19, Con 17, Int 31, Wis 14, Cha 13. Height 5 ft. 4 in.

Aging Bonuses and Penalties: Lothiel counts as a Sun elf of old age, gaining a +2 bonus to his Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. However, since he no longer ages due to Vorvoc's boon, he doesn't incur any of the penalties that accompany that age.

Skills and Feats (with Synergy and item bonuses included): Appraise +20, Concentration +34, Craft (Alchemy) +23, Craft (Armorsmithing) +20, Decipher Script +25, Diplomacy +7, Gather Information +14 (+16 when regading Vorvoc), Handle Animal +10, Heal +12, Knowledge (Arcana) +44, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +16, Knowledge (History) +20, Knowledge (Local: Vorvoc) +16, Knowledge (Nature) +16, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +13, Knowledge (Religion) +16, Knowledge (the Planes) +22, Perform (Oration) +11, Profession (Librarian) +5, Profession (Gemcutter) +5, Ride +8, Search +18, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +46 (+48 to decipher spells on scrolls), Use Magic Device +14 (+16 when using scrolls); Combat Casting, Craft Wondrous Item, Enlarge Spell (B), Mind Over Body, Scribe Scroll (B), Skill Focus (Knowledge: Arcana), Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spell Focus (Abjuration), Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Mastery (disintegrate, fly, greater teleport, invisibility, magic missile, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, sending, stoneskin, summon monster VIII, wish), Spell Penetration (Lor), Widen Spell (B).

Epic Feats: Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Epic Spellcasting.

Languages Spoken: Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Illuskan, Orc, Planar Trade, Sylvan.

Commonly Prepared Spells per Day (4/7/7/6/12/4/5/4/4/5; Save DC = + 20 spell level, 21 + spell level for Abjuration and Evocation spells): 0 - dancing lights, detect magic, light, prestidigitation; 1st - expeditious retreat, forcewave, Horizikaul's boom, know protections, magic missile, shield, true strike; 2nd - Agganazzar's scorcher, continual flame, fog cloud, glitterdust, Melf's acid arrow, mirror image, web; 3rd - amanuensis, clairaudience/clairvoyance, dispel magic, fireball, fly, invisibility; 4th - backlash, bladebane, Evard's black tentacles, explosive cascade, force orb, greater invisibility, lesser globe of invulnerability, scrying, spell enhancer, stoneskin, thunderlance, Tirimael's energy spheres; 5th - contact other plane, feeblemind, lesser ironguard, wall of force; 6th - contingency, disintegrate, greater dispel magic, shadow walk, true seeing; 7th - forcecage, greater ironguard, greater teleport, Symbul's synostodweomer; 8th - Bigby's clenched fist, horrid wilting, prismatic wall, summon monster VIII; 9th - black blade of disaster, Elminster's evasion, Mordenkainen's disjunction, time stop, wish. Caster Level 29th.

Epic Spells per Day: 4; Save DC 30, 31 for Abjuration and Evocation spells.

Epic Spells Known: Guardian of the Heavens* (save DC 35 for Lothiel), Lothiel's Equalizer* (save DC 40 for Lothiel), Lothiel's Warding*, Silver Dragon Strike (as Dragon Strike, but summons silver dragons instead), Sword of Id* (save DC 40 for Lothiel). *New spell described below.

Spellbooks - Lothiel is assumed to know all Arcane spells listed in the Player's Handbook. Due to his planar contacts he knows other spells as well, and the DM may assign him any spell from any sourcebook available. For example, due to his origins, he knows spells from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Magic of Faerun, Player's Guide to Faerun, Waterdeep: City of Spleandors, and Lost Empires of Faerun game supplements.

Standard Equipment: Ash Staff of Rhaungarth (counts as a +3 sure-striking quarterstaff and a staff of banishment that has 28 charges left; use the following spells at expense of charges -- 2 charges for banishment, 1 charge for dismissal, 2 charges for repulsion, 1 charge for slow), Last Resort (+1 keen adamantine dagger), Arcanist's Ring (ring that counts as a ring of protection +4 and a ring of wizardry IV), boots of flying, Caldrane's Girdle of Mobility (belt that counts as a ring of evasion and cloak of major displacement), Diadem of the Seer (circlet that counts as a gem of seeing and circlet of persuasion), Galgard's Scintillating Raiment (robe that counts as a white robe of the archmagi and robe of scintillating colors), Heart of the Resilient (amulet counts as a periapt of health and a periapt of wound closure), Kerym's Ring (ring that counts as a periapt of proof against poison and ring of minor universal energy resistance), Lothiel's Guard (bracers of armor +8 that give immunity to critical hits), Ynoleth's Mantle (traveler's cloak that acts as cowl of warding*), metamagic rod (Maximize Spell, greater), wand of fireball (caster level 10th, 14 charges left), wand of lightning bolt (caster level 10th, 30 charges left), wand of magic missile (caster level 9th, 27 charges left), wand of stoneskin (23 charges left). *From Magic of Faerun.

Adventuring Gear (inside Heward's handy haversack): 5 Bocoob's Blessed Books (all filled with spells), candles (5), clothes (explorer's, rich), flint and steel, ink vials (6 black and colored ink, 3 special ink for inscribing scrolls and spellbooks), inkpen, iron pot, miner's pick, mirror (small steel), oil (3 pints), potions (5 potions of cure serious wounds, 2 potions of haste, 2 potions of water breathing), soap (2 bars), spell scrolls (antipathy, contact other plane, Elminster's Evasion, fly, globe of invulnerability, greater dispel magic, greater teleport), trail rations for 5 days, waterproof traveler's spellbook, waterskin (full, red wine).

Total Resources: Approximately 2,500,000 gp (around 178,345 gold pieces left, invested in various holdings and business across the Heartlands and the planes). Equipment presented above reflect Lothiel's gear as if he were still a PC. As a NPC, Lothiel is alloted 470,000 gp worth of resources according to the Wealth Limit rules set down in the Version 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide and Epic Level Handbook, so feel free replacing some of the equipment listed above with less costly items.


Lothiel's Epic Spells:

While not exactly as well-known as other arcane developers such as the archmages Mordenkainen of Greyhawk or Khelben the Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Lothiel has created a number of spells over the decades that hold his name. Among these are world-shaking enchantments that can tear the very earth asunder, or lay waste to an entire army of invaders. However, under the tutelage of the ancient elven high mage Alteirthiel Starsong, he is also able to create magical wards that can permanently protect large areas. His spells, known as Lothiel's Equalizer, Lothiel's Warding, Guardians of the Heavens, and Sword of Id are detailed below.


Guardians of the Heavens [Ritual]

Conjuration (Summoning)

Final Spellcraft DC: 50

Components: V, S, Ritual.

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: 75 ft.

Effect: 3 summoned solars.

Duration: 80 rounds.

Saving Throw: Will negates (see text).

Spell Resistance: Yes (see text).

Development: 450,000 gp; 9 days; 18,000 XP; Seed Summon a trio of CR 23 Solars (DC 224); Factor: increase duration to 80 rounds (DC +6); Factor: Increase saving throw by 5 (DC +10); Factor: +5 bonus to overcome target's spell resistance (+10 DC); Mitigating Factor: 20 additional casters contributing 4th-level spell slots (-140); Mitigating Factor: 10 additional casters contributing 3rd-level spell slots (-50 DC); Mitigating Factor: burn 1000 XP (-10 DC).

This ritual, in which two circles each consisting of ten wizards each lend their power to a primary spellcaster, opens a gates to the heavens, wherein a a trio of solars are summoned to the chief caster's service. The solars appear where the caster designates, and act immediately. They attack when ordered to do so, and use their skills, spells, and spell-like abilities to their best possible effect. The primary caster can direct the solars not to attack, to attack specific enemies, or to do other actions.

For some unknown and unfathomable reason, the solars named Lar' Ee, C'r Lie, and Mou'E usually answer the summons to this spell.

The primary caster burns 1000 exp, regardless of the success or failure of the spell.


Lothiel's Equalizer [Ritual]

Abjuration and Enchantment (Compulsion) [Fear, Mind-Affecting]

Final Spellcraft DC: 51

Components: V, S.

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 300 ft.

Target: 200-foot radius spread.

Duration: Instantaenous (see text)

Saving Throw: Will negates (see text).

Spell Resistance: Yes.

Development: 459,000 gp; 9 days; 18,360 XP; Seed Dispel +40 on Dispel checks (DC 49); Seed Afflict -10 morale penalty on attack rolls, checks and saves on all creatures in area (DC 30); Factor: change target to area (+10 DC); Factor: change area to 20-foot radius (+2 DC); Factor: Increase area by 1000% (+40 DC); Factor: +10 bonus to character level to beat Spell Resistance (+20 DC); Factor: +10 to Save DC (+20 DC); Factor: 1-action casting time (+20 DC); Mitigating Factor: 15 additional casters contributing 4th-level spell slots (-105 DC); Mitigating Factor: 20d6 backlash damage (-20 DC); Mitigating Factor: burn 2,500 XP (-25 DC); Mitigating Factor: morale penalties persist for 4 rounds after casting (+10 DC).

Created for use against large numbers of spell-protected attackers, Lothiel's Equalizer ends all ongoing spells and spell-effects within its area, manifesting as a blinding wave of magical energy that bursts forth outwards from a specified point to a 200-foot radius spread. For a short time afterwards, those caught inside its area feel strangely enervated, their movements and thoughts sluggish, as if they had momentarily lost all drive and hope.

At the moment Lothiel's Equalizer triggers, a dispel check is made against all active spells and effects on those caught within its area, including spells that summon creatures, where the caster gains a +40 bonus to her checks when doing so. Furthermore, all those caught in its area must succeed a Will save, or be afflicted by a -10 morale penalty to all attack rolls, skill checks and saves for 4 rounds after being targetted by the spell.

The caster suffers 20d6 backlash damage when this spell is cast, and burns 2,500 experience points as well.


Lothiel's Warding [Ritual]


Final Spellcraft DC: 47

Components: V, S.

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: 30 feet

Area: 3,000 ft-radius spread.

Duration: Permanent

Saving Throw: None.

Spell Resistance: No

Development: 423,000 gp; 8 days; 16,920 XP; Seed Mythal (25 DC); Arrointed Spells of Death descriptor (15,000); Arrointed Spells of Evil descriptor (15,000); Arrointed Spells of Necromancy school (20,000); Arrointed Spells of Evocation - Fire subschool (15,000); Arrointed Spells of Conjuration - Summoning subschool (15,000); Prevalent Power - Antipathy against lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil alignments, keyed to demons, devils, doppelgangers, dragons, giants, goblinoids, orcs, yugoloths (72,000); Prevalent Power - Death Ward (5,600); Prevalent Power - Protection from Evil (200); Prevalent Power - True Seeing (14,400); Vanguard Spells: bless weapon (CL 5th), cure serious wounds (CL 10th), discern lies (CL 6th), dispel chaos 3/day (CL 10th), dispel evil 3/day (CL 10th), dispel magic (CL 6th), featherfall (CL 4th), lesser ironguard (CL 10th), magic missile (CL 9th), neutralize poison 3/day (CL 8th), remove blindness/deafness (CL 6th), remove curse 3/day (CL 6th), remove disease 3/day (CL 6th), remove paralysis 3/day (CL 4th), shield (CL 4th), silence (CL 4th), tongues (CL 6th); Factor: Increase area by 2900% (+116); Mitigating Factor: 20d6 backlash damage (-20 DC); Mitigating Factor: burn 5,000 XP (-50 DC); Mitigating Factor: 5 additonal casters contributing 5rd-level spell slots (-45 DC); Mitigating Factor: 10 additional casters contributing 4th-level spell slots (-70 DC); Mitigating Factor: 15 additional casters contributing 3rd-level spell slots (-75 DC); Mitigating Factor: 20 additional casters contributing 2nd-level spell slots (-60 DC).

The practical application of what Lothiel learned from the elven High Mage Alteirthiel Moonsong of Sharrven, this spell creates a permanent magical field centered on a specific point that grants all those inside its area the ability to use specific spells as spell-like abilities, as well as protecting everything inside from certain creatures, attacks, or effects.

The version presented here was presents the abilities of the field raised on Matlhus' Tannhauser's secluded stronghold, the first Lothiel had ever attempted, and has since served as the template of fields raised on Lothiel's own Glass Tower, the Inn of the Last Hope (a favorite vacation spot where the Balance and their apprentices gather annually to relax), and the elven forest stronghold of Moonglade.

Lothiel's Warding prevents the casting of spells from the Evocation (fire) subschool, as well spells from the Conjuration (summoning) subschool, as well as spells with the Death and Evil descriptors, and all spells from the Necromancy school of magic. The following spells are also prevalent inside the area of the Warding: antipathy (against lawful evil, neutral evil, and chaotic evil creatures; keyed to demons, devils, doppelgangers, dragons, goblinoids, orcs, vampires, and yugoloths), death ward, protection from evil, and true seeing.

Lothiel's Warding grants the use of the following spells to anyone who possess a specific Ward Token (in the case of the field cast on Malthus' stronghold, all of Malthus' apprentices, his small household staff, and the paladin lord himself all have ward tokens): bless weapon (CL 5th), cure serious wounds (CL 10th), discern lies (CL 6th), dispel chaos 3/day (CL 10th), dispel evil 3/day (CL 10th), dispel magic (CL 6th), featherfall (CL 4th), lesser ironguard (CL 10th), magic missile (CL 9th), neutralize poison 3/day (CL 8th), remove blindness/deafness (CL 6th), remove curse 3/day (CL 6th), remove disease 3/day (CL 6th), remove paralysis 3/day (CL 4th), shield (CL 4th), silence (CL 4th), tongues (CL 6th).

The primary caster of this spell suffers 20d6 backlash damage, and burns 5,000 experience points during the casting.


Sword of Id [Ritual]


Final Spellcraft DC: 42

Components: V, S, M.

Casting Time: 1 action

Area: 400-ft. cone

Duration: Instantaenous.

Saving Throw: Fortitude half.

Spell Resistance: Yes.

Development: 378,000 gp; 8 days; 15,120 XP; Seed Destroy 60d6 damage (DC 109); Factor: change target to area (+10 DC); Factor: change area to 40-foot cone (+2 DC); Factor: increase area by 1000% (+40 DC); Factor: +10 to Save DC (+20 DC); Factor: increase damage die by one step (+10 DC); Factor: 1-action casting time (+20 DC); Mitigating Factor: 10 additioan spellcasters contributing 4th-level spell slots (-70 DC); Mitigating Factor: 10 additional casters contribiting 3rd-level spell slots (-50 DC); Mitigating Factor: 20d6 backlash damage (-20 DC); Mitigating Factor: burn 2,000 XP (-20 DC); Mitigating Factor: needs specific material component in casting (ad hoc -4 DC); Mitigating Factor: material component is consumed in casting (ad hoc -5 DC).

Considered the pinnacle of Lothiel's research into the creation of battle magic, the Sword of Id literally cuts swaths into opposing armies, leaving nothing but ashes and devastation in its wake. However, it is not a spell that is used lightly, and Lothiel himself only uses it in especially dire ocassions, as it saps the caster's strength and does considerable harm to the body.

Upon casting, a 10-foot high and 400-foot long white-hot beam of destructive energy arcs from the caster's outstretched arm in the shape of an overtly long sword blade, which is then swung in a 90-degree arc directly in front of her. All those caught immediately take 60d8 damage, though a successful Fortitude save halves the damage taken. Those slain by the spell are immediately destroyed, with nothing remaining of them or their equipment but a fine powder.

The spell requires the spellcaster to have a magical longsword, preferably enchanted with an enhancement bonus of +4 or better, which is consumed on casting. The caster takes 20d6 damage upon the spell's casting, and burns 2,000 exp as well.


Class Abilities and Special Qualities:

Arcane spell use: Lothiel can cast arcane spells, limited to those listed down on his spellbooks, as well as those mastered through the Spell Mastery feat.

Archmage High Arcana: Lothiel has learned secret lore unknown to lesser wizards and sorcerers, enabling him to create effects normally inaccessible to his less-focused peers. Among these are the following:

Arcane Reach (Su): Lothiel can use spells with a range of touch on targets up to 30 feet away, making a range touch attack whenever doing so.

Mastery of Elements: Lothiel can alter an arcane spell when cast so that it utilizes a different element from the one it normally uses, though only spells with the acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic descriptors can be manipulated this way. For example, he can cast a fireball that deals sonic damage instead of fire, though he has to make the choice as he is casting the spell.

Mastery of Shaping: Lothiel can alter area and effect spells that uses the following shapes -- burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread -- creating spaces within the spell area or effect that are not subject to the spell, usually for allies. The minimum dimension for these spaces is a 5-foot cube, though shapeable spells have a minimum of 10 feet instead of 5 feet.

Spell-Like Ability (Sp): Lothiel can use greater teleport as a spell-like abilty twice per day.

Spell Power: All of Lothiel's spells are increased by an effective caster level of +1 for determining level-dependent variables such as damage dice, range, and caster level checks when dispelling or counterspelling.

Attunement (Su): A manifestation of the boon granted by the dragon god Vorvoc, Lothiel can invest a weapon, item, or suit of armor with increased power. Whenever he gains a level, he may choose one or more items to enhance with this ability. The items in question must be of masterwork quality, or must possess a magical enhancement bonus of at least +1. Lothiel must then sacrifice 100 exp and spend 1 day in meditation for every enhancement bonus he wishes to imbue the item with, or 500 exp per spell level if an item that duplicates or gives the ability to cast certain spells is involved. During this period, he must spend at least 8 hours a day meditating, not stopping to eat or rest.

Bonus Languages: As a result of his laborious studies, Lothiel has learned two more languages, Planar Trade and Celestial, in order to further his research.

Elf Traits (Ex): Immune to sleep spells and effects, +2 racial bonus to saves vs. Enchantment spells and effects, low-light vision, +2 racial bonus to Listen/Search/Spot, automatically is allowed a check to find secret or concealed doors, proficient with longswords, rapiers, longbows, and shortbows.

Enhanced Constitution: Lothiel read a Manual of Bodily Health +5, increasing his Constitution score by 5.

Enhanced Dexterity: Lothiel read a Manual of Quickness of Action +5, increasing his Dexterity score by 5.

Enhanced Intelligence: Lothiel read a Tome of Clear Thought +5, increasing his Intelligence score by 5.

Greater Lore (Ex): Lothiel has the ability to understand magic items, simulating the effects of the identify spell.

Immortality (Ex): Because of a boon granted by the dragon deity Vorvoc, Lothiel will no longer die of old age or disease, and penalties connected to aging no longer accrue, while bonuses continue to accumulate. He cannot be magically aged.

Lore: Lothiel, through his extensive studies, gains the ability to know legends or knowledge regarding various topics, similar to a bard's bardic knowledge. He adds his level and Intelligence modifier to the lore check.

Loremaster Secrets: In his studies, Lothiel was able to come upon several bits of obscure knowledge and secrets. Here are a few that he has put to more practical uses:

Applicable Knowledge: Gains Spell Penetration as a bonus feat.

Secret Knowledge of Avoidance: +2 to Reflex saves.

Secrets of Inner Strength: +2 to Will saves.

The Lore of True Stamina: +2 to Fortitude saves.

Weapon Trick: +1 bonus on attack rolls.

Scribe Scroll: Lothiel gained Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Summon Familiar: Lothiel may choose to obtain a familiar, an animal that is unusually tough and intelligent, as a companion. However, due to his experience with his former familiar Gamaliel, he has not elected to summon one at this time.

True Lore (Ex): Once per day, Lothiel can use his vast storehouse of knowledge to emulate the effects either a legend lore spell, or an analyze dweomer spell.