Champions of Darkness


Where there is light, there is darkness. For every righteous hero, there is a villain, though their manner, methods, and appearances differ greatly. Some delight in open mayhem, causing chaos and destruction wherever their paths take them. Others relish ruling over the weak, oppressing them and bending the poor wretches to their wills simply because they have the power to do so. Still others prefer the subtle approach, using their guile and cunning to manipulate the unwitting into doing their bidding, gathering power for themselves through layer upon layer of subterfuge.

Celestin has its share of such individuals, both overt and covert, and despite the multitudes of heroes that might eventually rise up against them, they continue to plot ad scheme and wreak havoc... After all, there wouldn't be any challenge if there weren't anyone to oppose them, would there?

Here are a some of those infamous individuals, rendered according to the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, Edition 3.5.


Athler Ovis the Lord of Bones, perpetrator of the March of the Dead

Crimmnor the Slayer, War Chief of the Ice Walkers

Branwylln Argyle, the Voice of Ineffable Hatred

Velcimmer Reynard the Death Knight, Scourge of the Rei Family