An Evangelion Poem Anthology:

I Asked them for Verses

Poetry by Myssa Elaine S. Reyes






By the First Other


Why do I exist?

It is a great mystery.

Dispelled by a smile.



By the First Other


I have a purpose,

a duty that is ordained.



* * *



By Lonely Heart


How odd for me to feel this way...

The mere sight of her face,

her young and winsome grace,

and I can't find a word to say.

And this happened not just today!

How she makes my heart race...

This is always the case...

If I only knew what to say...


How strange this situation is...

She frustrates and confuses me,

with her attitude and her voice.

I don't know how to explain this...

She completes and complements me,

and it's not like I have a choice.


* * *



By Akai Kokoro


I don't remember my mother,

but I see her everyday.

Everytime I look in the mirror

I see some of her in myself.

And I couldn't help but feel scared.

I am my mother's daughter they say,

but in truth I hope they're wrong.

That's why I try to be my own person

To rely on myself and become strong.

But then I look in the mirror,

and see the face looking back at me,

with eyes as blue as a summer sky

and hair red as blood,

legacies of the parent I lost,

and wonder if I am really who I think I am.

Am I just deluding myself?

I disagree, but there's a part of me

that fears that it might be otherwise.


* * *


Verses from an Exiled Heart

By Koutetsu no Kanoujo


I wonder if you think of me

in your sleepless hours at night

If you remember when we

sat under that cool moonlight.


Do you remember as I do

those happy times that we shared?

The smiles and fond looks too,

that showed just how much we cared.


How long ago those times now seem

as we both now stand apart.

How cruel the destinies deem

the forced parting of our hearts...


I wonder if you fondly think of me still,

At least as much as I still think of you.


* * *



by Tenshi Shoujo


Friendship is a strange thing indeed,

it creeps up when you least expect it.

It's something most don't think they need,

yet they thank the Fates when they find it.


Some people'd like to avoid it,

I was once like them, I must agree.

But there's no getting around it,

once friendship finds you, as it did me.


As I think back to it I see

of how I've been a misguided fool.

How long the truth eluded me,

as I remained so distant and cool.


Thank heaven for the friends who changed my ways,

for the better, of which I shall thank them always.


* * *


Started May 06, 2003.

Finished May 06, 2003.