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Here are a few useful links to a few of my friend's sites... If you're one of those interested in EVA fiction in general, you might want to check them out, and I guarantee that you won't be too disappointed, at least.


Asuka's Notebook

Created by Axel Terizaki, Asuka's Notebook has passed in to my care, though it seems that I'm still too busy to do all the needed updates I need to make to bring it back up to date... No matter, I will do it! Asuka's Notebook is still worth the look if you're the type looking for pics of derr Redhead. The story archive still needs fixing, though... [sighs]


Chainlightning Studios

Site of the very talented T.L. Webb, a.k.a. Hotwire, the writer more widely known for his Moonlight Sonata series, and the groundbreaking EVA romance Together We Stand. Having sponsored some fanwriter's workshops over the past few months, his site is worth visiting just for those guides in the "dos" and "don'ts" of writing fanstories in general. Do go there, okay?


Children of an Elder God:

In a league of all its own, CoaEG is a fusion of Evangelion and H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos... Believe me, this short description doesn't really do this story justice. Let's just say that it's one of those stories we'd like to see finished before we die...


Crystal Canada:

This is the homepage of a great and very crazy person... Strike Fiss is well known in the community for his monumental EVA romances Higher Learning, Shinji the Casanova, and Holding Hands. And those are reasons enough for passing by... He's also written a HUGE Sailormoon fanfic called Omoi, by the way...


Daniel Snyder's Homepage

It is an honor to present to you a portal to the site of one of the best storytellers of EVA lore ever to grace the fanfiction community. Possessed of smart wit and an infamous sense of humor, Daniel Snyder is a true innovator with the themes he presents in the stories he writes. He also writes some of the most venomously funny MST's too, that entertain us jaded members of the EFML, as well as give some pointers on how and how not to write a fanfic. I wish that I could write like him...Cheers!


EVA Caelum

One of the best purveyors of EVA-art I've been lucky enough to make an acquaintence of, Mekat, as he is more popularly known amongst the EVA-fiction community, is an accomplished writer as well as being a great artist. His unique blend of action, science fiction, and traditional EVA themes is just simply a joy to behold...I'd like you guys to share some of it.



A new place where you can take a peek at the newest stories, as well as their authors, Evafics is one of the places you definitely want to be if fiction is your passion... Evafiction, that is.



Considered by many a benchmark of EVA-fiction, EVA-R is one story you don't want to ignore... A sweeping story of hope, change, and consequences. If you are truly one of the faithful (to EVA, that is), read this classic. Now.

Evangelion Fanfiction Mailing List:

This is where some of the old hands of the EVA fic community come to exchange ideas... It's a nice place to start out, if you're an aspiring writer in search of guidance.


Fenriswulf Imprimatur

Site of one of the best of the newest crop of Evangelion fanfic writers, Dante Abbey. Despite his claims to otherwise, his Ascent of the Lambs is one of the most well-written EVA continuation stories out there...Well, for the more Asuka and Shinji inclined out there. Be sure to look out for his new story, Trinities: Blasphemy, a unique take on the EVA universe. If you've visited my site once or twice, you can guess why...


Nakayoshi no Sataraito

For those a little curious about the MST's Daniel has made over the past few months for the EFML, you people should come and visit this site. You won't be disappointed, I assure you.


Rakna's Homepage

This is my mentor and friend Alain Gravel's, also more widely known as Rakna, site. Author of the epic EVA romance "The One That I Love Is..." and other stories, his site is one place you have to visit. He has a sizeable archive of other EVA stories written by other authors, so the webpage is worth going to for that as well. Enjoy!


The Darkscribes

Not for the faint of heart, the Darkscribes is a group of writers with a singular passion... That is, writing about EVA. A gathering place for the newer fic writers out there, it's definitely not one of the more boring places out there. Take a look, if you dare.


The Gospel of Malachiel

One of the better written of the many continuation stories out there, Douglass Week's own take on the events that follow the series are worth the visit. However, he is a little on the slow side... I think that he actually has a slower writing speed that even I have.


Toh Ee-Loong's Homepage

Author of the critically-acclaimed HERZ and the uproariously hilarious NEGEV series, Toh-san's site is a nice place to pass by just for those stories. Support his NEGEV series...The guy needs a few pokes in the side to keep the story on the right track.


Definitely more to come!

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