The Gallery

I like to draw, so much that most of my friends immediately equate me with my hobby. I'm really not skilled, but I try my best, and everything seems to turn out okay. I draw inspiration from a lot of sources, but since this is a site dedicated to Evangelion, most of what is seen here is going to be EVA-related fanart.

I also do some fantasy character designs on the side--most of which come from actual player characters I played or interacted with during the various Dungeons & Dragons campaigns I participated in (guess which from which)--as well as some original works of my own.

Enough with the introductions. Enjoy!


Evangelion-Related Pieces


For Lord Deathscythe's A Debt Repaid:

One Last Debt to Pay


For Lord Deathscythe's A New Life:

Who am I?



A Fated Reunion
The Odd Couple
His and Her Circumstances...


An Evangelion Valentine

Can Love still bloom in times of uncertainty?


An Evangelion Christmas

(1st Prize Winner, Visual Arts Competition, Ryoma's Christmas Contest 2002)

Mistletoe?  I think not...


For Dante Abbey's BLASPHEMY:

Evangelion: Blasphemy
Officer Ayanami and Captain Sohryu
Inspector Nagisa and Pilot Kaji
Pilots Kaji, Katsuragi, and Akagi


For Cafe Yume:

The Cafe
Teaser Sketch
Yume Colored


For Axel Terizaki's Kodomo no Ai/The Child of Love:

2nd Month
8th Month
End of Evangelion
The Ikaris


For Alain Gravel's CHOSEN

Shinji, Chosen of Wind
Rei, Chosen of Water
Asuka, Chosen of Fire
Touji, Chosen of Earth Kensuke, Bard Extraordinaire
Yamagishi Mayumi, Songstress of Lillith
Princess Hikari of Tokyo
Misato, White Knight
King Kozou, Ruler of Tokyo-3
Queen Yui
Gendou, Archmagus of the Realm
Akagi Ritsuko, High Priestess of Lillith
Ryouji Kaji, Spymaster
Hyuuga Makoto, Church Liason to the White Knight
Ibuki Maya, Right Hand of the High Priestess
Aoba Shigeru, Bard Militant of Lillith
Kirishima Mana, the mysterious rescuee
Satsuki, Midori, and Kaede, Priestesses of Lillith
Myssa Half-Elven, lieutenant of Armisael
Armisael, Leader of the Dark Elves
Tabris, the Destroyer
The Chosen and the White Knight
Earth, Wind, and Fire
The Elf, the Bard, and the White Knight


Coffee, Tea, and Me

Tea with Mana
Rei on a Break
Coffee with Mayumi


For Toh Ee Loong's HERZ:



High Noon Rhapsody

Gunsmoke and Hellfire...



Version 01
A Reprise



Safe in each other's arms
A sweet 'Thank You'
What's in the letter, I wonder?


For The Birthday

Mother and Daughter
Reflections: Shinji, Mana, and Teri
The Supporting Cast: Hikari, Mana, Mayumi, Rei, and Touji
Never Forget...
The OAV poster


For Douglass Weeks' Gospel of the Malachiel:

Fear the Coming of the Harbingers


For Ender's Mark of Cain

Unexpected Support


NERV 2: Hope and Renewal

The Commander and the girl named Yakusoku
Face of the Enemy
Rise of the Daedalus
A new face, a new purpose...



What if?


The Kiss

A Kiss before Forever
Ii ne...



On to the Fantasy Character designs!