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The Fantasy Section


As you might guess by the title at the top of this section, this is where I have the fantasy-inspired art archived. Most of the characters portrayed here are the results of the many D&D campaigns I've joined in... Some of them are my characters, some are the characters my companions played, and some are the NPCs (non-player characters, or the supporting characters for the more fic-inclined) we met on our journeys.

Guess which is which...

I'm planning to put up the play statistics of the personages shown here in the Miscellaneous section of the site, but until then try and enjoy what is shown here. I hope I don't disappoint.


The Company of Chance

Consisting of what some old-hands would call a 'standard' adventuring party (front-line fighters, with a rogue, cleric, and wizard as support), the Company of Chance is memorable to me in that it is the only troupe I've joined in which one of the player characters was a namesake of mine (I didn't play her, though a friend did). It's certainly one of my favorites... Who knows? Maybe someday I might write an original story featuring them...


Belinda, Priestess of Chance
Gallion, Elven Magus
Myssa, Paladin of the Righteous Fury
Raylee, Woodland Sentinel Velvet, Half-elven Rogue
Caitlin, the Ranger's Daughter
Gauff Dawnsunder, Sword Tempest
The Company of Chance
Chance!  The Ranger's Daughter?!?
Chance!  The Razing of Greenvale!


The Residents of Greenvale

Greenvale, a good-sized fortified city on the borders of the Great Forest, became more or less a staging point for the Company of Chance when they started on an adventure. Ruled in interim by the elven hero Ismelian Sotadis, a member of the storied fellowship called the Sundered Blade, Greenvale is your typical fantasy settlement... Of course, that doesn't mean its unexciting, as Myssa and her companions soon found out. The site of one of the most desperate battles in recent memory, Greenvale is just beginning to recover from the attack it suffered at the hands of a flight of red dragons... A battle that the Company saw rather close up!


Lord Sotadis, Leader of Greenvale
Mina Clearwaters, Sorceress
Regweld Sorenson, Defender
Lord D'Avenant, Drow Sentinel
Selene Moonshadow, Daughter of the Moon
Rafa the Marquis Guardian
Wynter Whytefire, Aasimar Priestess of Light
Kitikka Caldwell, ex-Assassin
Naeel, the Renegade Shadovar
Vaelen Dawnshine, Senior Apprentice to the Planar Champion


The Legends

Of course, any fantasy world must have its great heroes, champions of their age, whom the heroes of the present look up to in awe and respect. The world of Celestin, where the Company of Chance comes from, is no different, and many times has it changed due to the actions of such individuals. The Sundered Blade was one, and the Company might become another. Presented here is the greatest of them all, a group known to history as the Balance.


The Balance
The Balance
Lothiel, Elven Magus
Malthus Tannhauser, Paladin of the Light
Naeel, Shade Lieutenant
Selaqui Moonsinger, Elven Duelist
Jaedrel Veladorn, Svartalven Seeker


Though it was thought that the group disbanded several centuries before, there are rumors that at least one of The Balance's original members still travel the land, continuing the work of his lost companions. This is probably just fanciful conjecture of historians with too much time on their hands, of course. The truth of it? Ah, that I cannot really say... You see, you cannot be too sure of rumors, after all.


The Righteous Fury
The Planar Champion


The small kingdom of Symphonia has experienced an unexpected period of prosperity and peace. However, dark forces from beyond the veil separating realities seek to undermine this peace, to twist it and use it to their advantage, a stepping stone in furthering the goals of the abomination that is their master in that world.

As this small kingdom has unknowingly attracted the attentions of a force of darkness, so too has it garnered the attention of a champion of the Light: the immortal once known as Malthus Tannhauser, the Planar Champion. His opponents are plentiful and powerful, and he cannot face them alone... However, he finds that Symphonia has its own young heroes, just waiting to be discovered....


The Swordswoman, the Epic Knight, and the Princess' Holiday
The Mageling and the Archmagi
Campaign Dramatis Personae
'Mal' the Mercenary and Eleanor in full gear
Clifford Swanson, Bard-Warrior Skald
Sylphie Cloud, Acolyte-Divine Agent
Zephyr, Wizard-Incantatrix
Eleanor Fortsworth, Fighter-in-Training



The Other Adventurers

Of course, the world is a large place, and it is inevitable that there are other parties of adventurers out there... Here are but a few of those individuals, who would risk death and danger for gold and glory!


Dwarve and Dark Elf
Mage and Rogue




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