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The Miscellaenous Section


Aside from the fanwork and fantasy-related drawings I do, I also have several original works drawn. However, you barely see these, for I wasn't able to scan them into my computer. Though I really want to, I can't right now, because my scanner more or less gave out the ghost on me.

Regardless, I'd like to present those few I have been able to scan. No heckling, please.



The Self-Portraits

Some sketches of myself I did when I had some free time from my studies. Not entirely accurate, but it gives an idea how I really look like.


My first try at actually drawing myself!
Getting ready to do some work!
What I look like when I'm burnt out...



Season of the Heart

Yes, I admit it, I like To Heart. Very much so. That's why it's so frustrating that I've only done one fanart on it. Hopefully, that'll change soon, especially since that a sequel is already in the making! Waah!


Akari and Hiroyuki: So happy together



Summer's End

An idea that's been rolling around in my head since I was in high school, Summer's End is a story about an ordinary high-schooler with some extraordinary issues to work out. I've done some conseptualization on it... Well, for the supporting cast at least.

What about Mina, you ask? We'll see if we can showcase her, providing I get a place where I can scan my sketches of her... In the meanwhile, meet the rest of the people that populate the small city that is Summer's End.


Mai Katsuragi and Mark Phillip
Misa Tanaka and Kurt Lovell
The supporting cast!
Mai and Mark...  Isn't it obvious?



Tokyo Jiken/the Tokyo Affair

One of those little things that creep up to you when you least expect it, Tokyo Jiken is a little project my friend Dirk has been working on--some say obssessing over--for as long as I remember. The closest thing to describe it is that it's a mix of D&D Modern, Sailormoon, and Bubblegum Crisis 2040. Yes, it's that insane.

I've helped him with the conceptualization, and here's what I've drawn. The only two scanned so far.


Midnight and Moonlight do not mix well...
Armored J-Pop Mayhem!


Game Pics

Though I don't play as much as I would like to, I do like roleplaying games, and the occassional tactical/strategy shootout. Here are a few I've drawn for those games I've enjoyed insofar that I've wasted several days of my life on them...


Fallout Tactics...  The Post-Apocalyptic Strategic Game




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