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December 31, 2006


Aaaaand time flies by yet again. It's funny how you fully intend to do something one day, yet find yourself unable to follow through due to recent obligations... Ever since I've started my job at ETrade, I've been unable to even keep up the pretence of adhering to a break schedule to work on my fanwork. Annoying, but since I do get paid for it, I'm forced to continue. Oh joy.

Through it all, the backlog keeps on growing. Aside from the Birthday, which I had to put on hold yet again, there's still the final draft of Cafe Yume and Puerto Corazon sitting (figuratively speaking, of course) on my work pile. And the more time passes, the higher the pile seems to grow...

Which doesn't exactly sit well with my creative side, which hasn't had a chance to express itself since October. I mean, seriously, Alain Gravel, dear friend, is churning out Chosen chapters at a brisk pace compared to me. Then again, he does have a slave driver in the person of his editor Darren Dermaine, but still...

I'll just have to see what the new year brings. I do have plans, and they do include the conclusion of those stories. Just once, I'd like to see something I started completed for a change...



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