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Ah, I see you've dropped by my Miscellaenous section of the site. As the name suggests, this is where all of the stuff that don't belong anywhere else are put. In other words, it's likelythat you will find most of my D&D related-works here... Character stats, campaign journals, etc... As well as a few other things. I hope it doesn't bore everyone that much.


Heroes of Celestin: An introduction to some of the more colorful characters that have walked upon Celestin, both in the past and in the present time.

The Villains: Of course, what would heroes be without villains to face? A small sample of the menagerie of foes both cunning and vile.

The Knights of Falcon's Point: A knightly order dedicated to the ideals of Good and Justice, founded to protect the peoples of Celestin from evil both from within and from without, the Knights are Gaia continent's most well-known and most visible of organizations. Get to know the people that make up the Order, and learn of its origins.

The Cosmonology of Dualve Mirroir: A somewhat lengthy description of the universe that most of my fantasy characters live in, as well as the nature of its planes, and the deities that people revere and worship there.

Random Stuff for my Cellphone: Just a place to put stuff for my Cellphone, like some images and .MID files. :)

My Fonts: I use several fonts for the site, some of which are definitely not in the standard MS list. Take a look, if you want.




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