Heroes of Legend


Countless heroes have trod upon the world of Celestin, from mighty knights, dragonslayers, crusaders, and lusty warriors whose war cries shake the very battlefields they fight in; to cunning individuals who use their talents at stealth and sleight of hand, or even their charm, to accomplish their objectives; to mighty wizards and sorcerers whose arcane might and mastery of elemental manipulation literally change the world around them; to priests whose faith in their gods and causes lead them to spread miracles. Their exploits create legends, and inspire awe and reverence in the people they encounter, whatever their backgrounds.

Here are some of those heroic individuals... Included are their statistics in the current 3.5 Edition of the d20 D&D system.


The New Generation:

Eleanore Fortsworth, Warrior of Symphonia

Myssa Rei, Paladin of the Righteous Fury*

Tabra Skylark, faerie Envoker


Figures of Renown:

Kitikka Caldwell, reformed Assassin

Arthus Malthusson, Soldier of Light

Rosamia Gainsborough, Knight of the Scale*


Legends of Celestin:

Malthus Tannhauser, the Planar Champion*

Morwynn Nethers, the Void Incarnate

Ramius Stormhammer, Legendary Dreadnought


Friends and Allies:

Vaynard the White Wolf, Lord of the Northern Reaches

Lady Vaelen Dawnshine, Senior Apprentice to Malthus Tannhauser

Naeel of Thulthantar, renegade Shadovar general


Paragons of the Art and the Power:

Gwynd Ecthelion, Druid of the Sheltered Conclave

Merryvane Garrenswroat, High Priestess of Saulle and Master Alchemist

Lothiel Ammarilis of Silverymoon, Elven Archmagus of the Glass Tower



Webmistress' Notes:

Characters listed with '*' are those I have roleplayed as during previous campaigns.

All characters except Vaelen were created using the 35 point-buy system. As Vaelen started out as Malthus' cohort, she was created with only 25 points, but since she possesses an inherited Template, this deficiency is more or less balanced out.

I utilize the vitality and wound point (or wp for short) system of tracking hit points. A character's Vitality points is her 'normal' hit point total, while her Wound points is based on her total of her Constitution score. Spells and combat damage deduct from the vitality point total, while critical hit damage deduct from the wound point total. A character whose wound points is reduced to 0 is helpless, while a character with -1 wound points is considered dying... This rule makes combat much more random and dangerous, and makes it possible to recreate those 'one-hit' kills so prevalent in fantasy stories and (of course) Japanese anime.