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My Stories


Though many might find this surprising, I'm a competent writer as well. Not as good as the rest of my peers in the Evafic community at large, but I do my best at what I do. I have a soft spot for dramatic pieces, though I'm capable of writing a comedy, if the mood is right.

I've a few other story ideas aside from EVA, but so these are just in the preliminary stages; it might be a while before these see the light. One is Summer's End, an original story that may or may not become a romance of sorts. The other is more fanfiction, this time for two other anime that have claimed a special niche in my heart: To Heart and Ai Yori Aoshi, which is known in English as Bluer than Indigo.

Anyway, here are the stories I've written so far. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them.



 A Journey of Denial

Sometimes the road to self-forgiveness is an indirect and painful one, as one Sohryu Asuka Langley finds out, where you have to come to terms with your failings before being able to take the first steps in healing the wounds inflicted on the heart... A short dramatic piece that shows that redemption sometimes comes when you allow yourself to be redeemed.

Boys and Girls

What happens when two friends try to stop another from thinking of falling in love? To the Class Rep, for that matter.

And what happens when it's all just a big misunderstanding?

Why, mayhem occurs, of course. A lighthearted peek at a day in the lives of the Children and their friends, though not a normal one, that much is certain.


I Asked Them for Verses

Five poems by five characters, each reflecting facets of their personalities. A definite departure from my previous writings, in which prose was the preferred medium I had used. It seemed that there's a poet in me after all.


One Final Song

With the departure of a friend, one last fantasy needs to play itself out... Of events that will be missed, and the memories of friendships that will have to be left behind...


Soundtrack Dreams

A sort of sidestory to both Echoes and Birthday... What do you do when you put together a few familiar people in a recording studio for a session? Why, there are sure to be revelations, especially considering that the OAV the soundtrack is for is based on actual events....


  The Birthday

Can the life of one person truly touch the lives of so many others? Even if that person has long passed away, and now remains a mere memory to the people whose lives that person had enriched? Will that person live on, as their memories live on in those left behind? A story set after EVA, in a world changed but altogether familiar...



My Upcoming Projects:


Ai Yori Aoshi: Revelations

Winter has come to the Sakuraba boarding house, yet its chill is no match for the warmth that two of its residents share for one another. For Sakuraba Aoi, it is a happy time; with her father's acquiesence, she is now free to wed the man she loves, whom she has been preparing her whole life to be with. This feeling is shared by the man she has given her heart to, Hanabishi Kaoru, who has for too long felt the weight of loneliness on his shoulders.

Everything couldn't have been more perfect.

Of course they are still not yet free to show their relationship in public, but they are slowly working towards revealing the truth to their friends. But fate steps in, and it seems that the secret might not be kept hidden for much longer.

For it seems that moment they shared together, on the eve of their confrontation with the Sakuraba family patriarch, has one other result, other than solidifying their bond with each other...


Cafe Yume, the Cafe of Dreams

Shinji and Asuka find that being the only people left on the planet a hard and increasingly painful experience... And their relationship, already strained before the battle at the Geofront, reaching a breaking point. Soon, something is bound to give, and life would become all the more bleaker, for the both of them.

But hope springs from the most unexpected of places. For the two youths, it is a last chance to forgive themselves, and to say words that were left unsaid...

To loved ones long lost...


Evangelion: Echoes

Yamagishi Mayumi arrives in Kyoto, fresh out of high school, and finds out that getting into her university of choice is no easy matter. Any more added complications to her life would be most unwelcome, as she needs to focus her mind on passing the school's dreaded entrance examinations...

However, the problems she doesn't want manage to walk in on her, as she runs into two people she didn't expect to see again... Two people whom she had encountered in a different lifetime, four years ago in a fortress city far away.

Two people who have issues that need addressing. With each other.


Feeling Heart: A To-Heart story

Kamigishi Akari has always had feelings for a very special boy, and it seems that her feelings are slowing being rewarded. However, at this, the start of her last high school term, there are big decisions to be made, and Akari is afraid that if she chooses wrongly, she would lose everything that she had gained during the previous year.

And unbeknownst to her, Hiroyuki, that special person of her heart, is plagued by the same troubled thoughts...


the city of Summer's End

Mina has always been a loner, preferring to keep to herself than to interact with other people her age. Scarred by an experience in her past, she avoids emotional contact as much as possible, even with her own family. It is a lonely existence, but she thinks it suits her, for she doesn't get hurt as much as when she puts her trust in somebody else.

When her family is forced to move to another city because of her father's job, she finds it hard clinging to her old attitudes, as she is exposed to people that are worthy of her trust...



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